AFSH Lauches Noiler Bird Initiative to Empower Over 300,000 Smallholder Farmers, to Increase to 1.2M by 2020

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery, AFSH, is determined to eradicate poverty in Africa and malnutrition in rural communities, especially among women and youths. AFSH developed the dual-purpose breed with thorough years of research from 2003 to 2014 and ongoing.

Therefore, AFSH officially launched its Noiler Bird Initiative in Africa targeting 1.2million smallholder farmers by 2020 and this was disclosed at the formal unveiling of the Noiler Bird Initiative to the media in Lagos state.

The Group Managing Director, (GMD) Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd., Dr. Ayoola Oduntan, revealed that the initiative was designed to ensure that the 90,000 children or more, that UNICEF said could die of severe acute malnutrition, he reassured that the Noiler initiate will eradicate malnutrition, maternal/ child mortality address gender in-equality challenges, empowerment and improve quality of life in the rural areas in Nigeria.

He also revealed that AFSH intends to empower 5,000 students in rural communities with 2 Boiler birds each to empower them and targets 10 million birds by the end of 2019 in Nigeria.

Noiler is already in 5 West African countries and he said that majority of poor households cannot afford to buy chicken and eggs where estimate of per capita egg consumption is just 60 eggs per person annually while poultry meat consumption is about 2.3 kg/person/year which is a meagre amount when reviewing the recommended daily protein intake requirement per person which is 20grm/person/day. Also, Noiler has an added advantage of regular day to day cash returns from sale of eggs and periodic cash income from sale of birds that can meet with occasional family expenses.

Dr Ayoola Oduntan said that the Noiler bird Initiative comprises of: the Mother unit for business purpose and Small Holders Farmers (SHF) for family nutrition and income and through this “we’re enhancing their income opportunities while providing quality source of proteins for them and essentially, their children”.

Dr. Oduntan explained that Noiler Bird is a multicolored dual-purpose breed that is suitable for backyard farming and the breeder stocks are well vaccinated and maintained under stringent biosecurity to produce a chick with good livability and excellent performance which made Noilers to have excellent disease resistance like a native chicken and the fast-growing character of the bird helps in less brooding efforts. Noiler birds have less fat, tasty and higher meat yield compared to native birds. The meat is tougher and tastier than the commercial broiler meat.

Noiler low management requirement makes it easy to rear by the women and families with little technical knowhow; theerby bridging the nutritional gap efficiently and boost food security of developing countries.

He also stressed the need for rural communities are empowerment so that they may not be able to eat chicken, he called on government at all levels, corporate organisations and individuals to join hands to end hunger and poverty that has eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigeria.

The Chief Operating Officer, AFSH, Dr. Anand Burra said the current average daily protein intake of about 8-13g is far below the recommended minimum daily protein intake of 20g for developing countries.

A person needs 1gm protein per every kilo of body weight per day for normal growth and development the help of Noiler, the deficit in the daily standard consumption for protein which 20grm/person/day can be provided for.

Beneficiaries of the Noiler initiative who spoke to the press said the initiative has helped put food on their table and improve nutrition needed to live healthy productive lives.
The beneficiaries that were drawn from the various regions in the country appreciated the efforts of Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery’s management.


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