Agricultural Transformation That Guarantees Food Security

The world’s population by 2050 is estimated to be about 9 billion. Therefore the goal of every business leader or governments all over the world is how this challenge can be overcome through mechanised agriculture that will deliver economic growth, food security and environmental sustainability.

The hungry people all over the world is estimated to be about 1billion and there’s a need to produce more food more efficiently, and with greater economic benefit, there should be a new approach for agricultural transformation.

There’s a need for reinvigoration of the rural economies, providing sustainable livelihoods for several hundred million smallholder farmers and a resilient source of economic growth for countries around the globe.

There need for governments at all levels, international organizations, farmer leaders, civil society groups, farmer leaders, policy makers and experts to develop a new approach to agricultural growth. Leaders need to develop new ways of collaborating to reach shared goals for progress in agriculture by consistently working together sharing best practices and use of new technologies to boost sustainable agricultural output.

Transformation of any country’s  agriculture sector require the following :

  • Clear strategy, good policies and priorities for implementing the transformation based on market opportunities locally and internationally,
  • Strengthening agricultural  investment and entrepreneurship p channels to strengthen markets’ and farmers’ competitiveness
  • Leadership and alignment of stakeholders around shared goals
  • Enabling hard and soft infrastructure policies and investments
  • Catalytic financing and risk management solutions
  • Robust mechanisms and institutions to deliver, implement and sustain large-scale change

Agricultural transformation will take years and require sustained commitment of governments at all levels, international organizations, corporate organisations and individuals to make the effort a success in preparation for feeding of world’s booming population.


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