Nigeria Poultry Show witnessed a large turn out

Nigeria Poultry Show 2017 is 3 days annual event that witnessed a large turn out of poultry farmers and investors across the country.  The programme is a yearly even that received both local and international recognition.

The theme of the 2017 NPS is Efficiency In Production as a Tool To Survive A Recession In The Poultry Industry and the programme is taking place at Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The newly elected president of PAN, Mr Ezekiel Ibraheem in his speech appreciated the conduct, support and commitment during and after the election. He promised that his administration will focus on harnessing opportunities that will help the association to grow, build on the legacy of the previous administration.

The immediate PAN president of PAN Dr Ayoola Oduntan also appreciated the support of all member during his administration but registered his displeasure on the poor government support to poultry farmers and uncontrolled ban on importation of poultry products not putting into consideration the number of people employed through poultry.  He stated that about 80% of frozen chicken consumed in Nigeria is imported and the locally produced frozen chicken worth millions of dollars arelying in cold rooms unsold.

Moreover, other stakeholders also analysed how the recession affected Nigerian Poultry industry and ensuring efficiency in production by cutting cost, following the standard management practices will be helpful to farmers and make the business profitable.



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