World Food Day Celebrated

World Food Day is a day set apart throughout the globe to celebrate farmers who are working to feed the world and improve food security through innovation, collaboration and hard work.  

October 16 is an opportunity to reflect on how healthy ecosystems can help to reduce the number of people who don’t have enough to eat. 

FAO survey shows that 815,000,000 people are hungry all over the world despite our planet’s biodiversity, we can achieve zero hunger through food security.

Food security is very complex. It is about healthy ecosystems and our ability to maintain the planet’s biodiversity. The numbers of undernourished people has continously increased from 5-10% every yearand it’s a source of concern to many nations all over the world.

There’s a need to explore the nutritional value, cultural significance and market success of traditional foods for everyday diets. Preservation local food will helpful in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and essential if we want to feed the world’s growing population in a sustainable, healthy and environmentally sound manner, thereby making world without hunger each reality.

Food security is situation whereby people consistently have social and economic access to adequate and nutritious food to live healthy and productive lives.

The sustainable ways to achieve food security are:

  1. Improve agricultural production

  2. Women empowerment

  3. Efficient management of natural resources

  4. Prepare for natural disasters

    The World Bank and many other organisations are working closely with  farmers who are willing to make profit, actualise their dreams and increase food production.


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