Optimisation of Production in Female Breeders

Optimisation of the production of hatchable eggs in the multi-billion dollars poultry business which is a major determinant factor that drives profitability because the more number of hatchable eggs produced, the more the number of chicks that will be produced.

However, poor management leads to excessive or inadequate body weight gain of the birds which signifies poor nutrition and failure to correct it on time will lead to poor reproductive performance of female breeders all over the world.

The following are the steps to optimise production in female breeders:

  • Female breeders should be grown with the recommended feeding programme;
  • Body weight of the birds must be monitored to ensure that feed is achieving the desired results;
  • Egg production should be stimulated as from 5% production by increasing light and feed programme;
  • The ovarian functions can be stimulated by gradually increasing feed consumption;
  • The expected quantity of feed required per bird and energy level must be monitored;
  • Ensure that average body weight,  uniformity and body weight gain should be monitored weekly;
  • Prompt response to clean up time by monitoring the time required by the flock to eat it’s daily feed allotment;
  • Ensure that eggs are weighed and recorded as from 10% production and above;
  • There must be prompt response to excessive or inadequate body weight, egg weight or production by increasing or delaying feed increase.

Breeding farm owners, managers and veterinarians all over the world desire efficient breeders layers but the above listed management procedures couple with good biosecurity must be implemented to achieve the desired profit and remain in business.


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