Prolonged Egg Glut In Nigeria

Nigerian poultry industry is a growing multibillion dollar sector that has greatly contribute to the nation’s GDP, create millions of job and provide the most affordable protein source. This sector is suffering a great set back due to a prolonged egg glut despite the efforts of all stakeholders. The resultant effect of this is that there is a very low demand for day old chicks, loss of investments and jobs.

The dreams of the Poultry Association is that all poultry farmer do business profitably but the following questions must be asked:

  • Is the government doing the needful to support poultry industry?
  • Are poultry farmers supporting Poultry Association enough?

Egg glut is affecting the poultry industry negatively and this is the time the Nigerian government has to provide lifeline support to the industry to prevent total collapse. Many poultry farms are closing down everyday as the cost of production has increased due to high cost of feeding and the end product which is eggs and chicken are sold at a loss. The following should be done to save the industry:

Firstly, the Nigerian government is trying to stop importation of poultry products to an extent but they need to do more by ensuring Zero tolerance for the importation of poultry products and improving trans-border trade in ECOWAS countries and other African countries so as to create market for these products.

Secondly, the government should create a poultry board that guide capitalized poultry investors to invest in egg processing, it is unfortunate that Nigeria still import a lot of egg powder into the economy when the raw materials are available in the country, what a waste!

Thirdly, government should cooperate with Poultry Association to improve egg consumption by doing programmes that will stimulate the culture of daily egg consumption across all age groups in school, hospitals, internal displaced camps (IDPs), non-government and government agencies.

Lastly, government should subsidize the imported feed additives, individual farmers should stimulate agricultural production by planting more of cereals and the government should provide a conducive environment so that the cost of production can be low.

God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa!



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