procedures To Successful Debeaking

Debeaking is one the major operations most poultry farmers rearing pullets carry out by trimming their beaks. The following are the advantages of debeaking:
– It prevents feather picking and cannibalism
– It improves feed efficiency
– The birds will have better livabilty
– It helps the birds have better uniformity
– It reduces aggression in the flock
– It reduces feed wastages
Debeaking has an economic advantages in pullet rearing‎ considering the advantages highlighted above.
Procedures To Take note
– Give some preventive dose of antibiotic and vitamins fortified with Vitamin K 1-2 days before debeaking;
– Demarcate the pen so that birds debeaked can be in a different compartment;
– Empty feed from the troughs 5hours before debeaking and ‎give feed immediately after debeaking;
– Debeak in the coolest part of the day i.e overnight;
– Debeaking must be handled with a trained personnel;
– Prevent stampeding as much as possible during the operation‎;
– Use debeaking‎ machine and it’s blade must be hot (temperature 700 to 800 degrees celcius);
– Durig debeaking birds tongue‎ must be kept away to avoid burning by index finger betweeen upper and lower beak;
– Trim deaks 2mm at day old or 4mm at 7 – 10 days of age
– At 10 weeks‎ check for grown beaks, birds with long beaks should be debeaked.
Successful debeaking contributes greatly to the performance of pullets at the laying stage.

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