Essence Of Biosecurity And Implementation

Biosecurity is a means elimination or minimizing the risk of diseases entry
into a farm and flocks.
It prevent the introduction and spread of disease-causing organisms in
poultry flocks.
The aim of biosecurity is to create barriers between the birds in the farm
and many sources of contamination.
It’s very important that every farmer practises daily biosecurity
procedures as best management practices on poultry farms as this will
reduce the possibility of introducing infectious diseases such as Newcastle
Disease, Avian influenza, Salmonella as well as many others.
Disease prevention is a useful strategy for poultry producers which is
beneficial to the birds and to farmers to prevent disease from agents like
bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, parasites, and any other agents capable
of introducing an infectious disease into a poultry flock.
Biosecurity is a set of management practices which, when followed, reduce
the potential for the introduction or spread of disease agents within the
farm and outside.

Biosecurity Implementation
– Ensure that the drinking water is clean and free from pathogens. Water
screening should be done regularly in a reputable laboratory;
– Foot dips should be at the poultry houses and farm entrance;
– Introduce only birds from reputable hatcheries to your farm;
– Control flies by keeping everywhere clean and spraying of insecticide;
– Do not allow visitors into the farm and if they must, ensure that they
wear farm’s disinfected footwears and overall;
–  Poultry houses must be birds and rodents (Don’t Allow Wild Birds To Enter
Your Poultry houses,it is Dangerous)
– The farm perimeter must be fenced;
– Don’t allow farm workers to keep poultry at home and restrict every
workers to their pens;
– Provide changing room where the can change to farm clothes and foot
– Do not keep pets, if you must please restrict them.


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