Facts On Pineapple Cultivation

Pineapple is an economic fruit crop globally which is a good source of Vitamin A,B,C and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium,iron and potasium. Nigeria is the largest producer of pineapple in Africa and the world total production is about 15million tonnes.

Pineapple has various varieties and it can grow on any type of soil provided its well drained soil except clay soil. It is planted through crown, sucker, slip and good yield is possible with 1500mm rainfall.Pineapple can be planted on plain, well ploughed soil,furrow,contour and furrow. The ideal spacing is (25x60x90)cm and average yield per hectare is 65 – 100 ton/ha, less pest and weed infestation guarantee good yield.

Diseases are not common except stem rot but application of Boradeaux mixture by dipping before planting. Potash and Nitrogen fertilizer can be applied 2 and 12months after planting if the soil is poor. Life span of pinapple is 5years after which it can be uprooted and replanted. Pineapple mature 15 -18months after planting and the fruits are matured when they have golden yellow colour.

Pineapple has a high demand in the market either through direct sales or middlemen, processing industries in Nigeria and it can be exported.+


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