Poultry Vacination

There are many errors that will make vaccination successful and unsuccessful. Many poultry farmers use to question vaccines potency and sources.
The following are common errors that must be avoided for a successful vaccination:
1. Vaccine Handling
– Breaking the cold chain by taking vaccines to poultry houses without ice
– Vaccines are constituted proportionately with the manufacturer’s mixing ratio
– Vaccines storage in a fridge that’s not accessing 24hours electricity on daily basis or inoperative refrigerator.
2. Water Vaccination
– Sanitized water not removed from the water line
– Insufficient water used for vaccination
– Unclean water line lead to inactivation of vaccine
3. Administration of Inactivated Vaccines
– Poor injector may lead non dosage
– Use of wrong needle size either too small or too big
– Poor calibration of doses
– Vaccine not warmed to 90°F before use by leaving it to attain room temperature before administration
4. Vaccination By Spray
– Small vaccine mixture administered which will lead to inaccessibility of all birds to the vaccine
– Ventilation system not turned off during spraying and after spraying
– Incorrect droplet size use for spraying
5. Wing Web Vaccination
– Mix too much vaccine before use
– Non-dipping of inoculators into properly the vaccine mixture and not holding inoculators vertically
6. Vaccine Scheduling and Selection
– Use of expired vaccines
– Skipping of vaccination due to improper planning
– Use of wrong vaccine
– Vaccine unavailable on the farm on the day of vaccination.
Poultry farmers must endeavour to prevent errors that will not make vaccination to be successful,” it is cheaper to prevent than to treat”.


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