Essence Water Quality In Animal

Water that must be made available for animal consumption should be of good quality,clean,clear,fresh, tasteless and free of contamination.
Water is an important nutrient for all animals, it? can be a source of pathogens, it is used as a carrier for antibiotics and vaccines.
Whatever is source every ?farm gets water from, the quality should be checked twice a year in a reputable laboratory.
The water systems in the farm houses should be cleaned and disinfected regularly including the storage vessels.
Water Quality Parameters that must be measured in the laboratory are-
pH – 5 ?to 8.5
Ammonium mg/l- < 2.0
Nitrate mg/l – <100
Chloride mg/l – <250
Sodium mg/l- <800
Sulfate mg/l- <150
Iron mg/l- < 0.5
Manganese mg/l- <1.0
Hardness – < 20
Oxidizable Organic Matter- < 50mg/l
Coliform Bacteria’s cfu/ml- <100
Total Germ Count cfu/ml- < 100,000
Note- Animals will be predisposed to heavy and consistent bacterial infections like E.coli, Salmonella etc. which will in return affect animal’s immunity system.
Semi-continous use of efficient water saniti?zers will help.


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