Intergration Farming System

Integration farming systems is common in livestock production and cultivation of agricultural crops and vegetable farming.

Integrated farming is a mixed  farming system, it a symbiotic crop and livestock farming that support each other which will in return reduce cost of production.

Integrated farming has be proven to be positively impactful economically and environmentally.

There are different form of integration systems in agricultural production, they include:

  • Poultry and Fish Farming Integration System

Poultry houses are built on fish ponds, the poultry droppings and waste serves as food to the fish

  • Crop and Fish farming Integration System

Rice, sugarcane and many other food crops are grown in ponds alongside fish stocked in the ponds.

  • Piggery and Fish Farming Integration System

Pigsties are built on ponds and their manures are fed on by fishes either directly or after fermentation.

  • Fish Farming and Integration System

The water in the fish pond can be used for irrigating crops especially vegetables, it’s sustainable for the dry season.they

Advantages of Integration Farming

  • It’s a cheap source of food production;
  • It’s a self sufficient means of maximizing profit;
  • It reduces cost of production in agriculture by reducing the cost of fish feed and fertilizer;
  • It improves food security;
  • It increases agricultural yield;
  • Integrated farming plays a major role in rural development in developing.



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