Future Prospect of Probiotics Use In Animal Production

The use of Probiotics for livestocks has gained acceptance considerably over two decades ago. Probiotics are unharmful bacteria or micro-organisms that keep the gastro-intestinal tract health when administered in appropriate and regular quantities. Probiotics regulate and balance the activities of gastrointestinal microbiota thereby promoting good health and performance in livestocks.

The use of antibiotics in poultry feed as a growth promoter has been restricted in many countries around the world. Therefore farmers interest in finding viable alternatives for growth enhancement and disease prevention in livestock production. Probiotics are considered alternative feed additives to antibiotics and it serves as microbial food supplements which beneficially affect the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance.

Probiotics enhance the growth and performance of animals, it improve forage digestion efficiency and increases quantity and quality of milk, meat and egg.

Probiotics protect animals against pathogens, reduced the use of antibiotics, improve feed conversion ratio, improve nutrients digestibility, reduces morbidity/mortality, improve bone strength, fight parasitism. and strengthen the immune system.

 Researchers are doing a lot of work in enhancing the efficacy of probiotics and update knowledge on their mode of action. Therefore, gene manipulation, combination of several strains and selection of better efficient strains.
The adoption of logical criteria for the in vitro selection of probiotic bacteria can result in the isolation of strains capable of performing effectively in the gastrointestinal tract.
Future trend will focus on basic research to identify and characterize existing probiotics strains, determine optimal doses needed for certain strains and improved genetic engineering techniques to produce effective probiotic strains.
Farmers are now conscious of reducing production cost which can be achievable in animal production with the use of probiotics and there is need to produce safe and qualitative meat for human consumption.

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