Dr Ayo Oduntan Lecture On Unlocking Nigeria’s Potential In Agric For Sustainable Development

The Inaugural 2018 public lecture held at the College of Agricultural Science, Olabisi Onabanjo University. Those in attendance are: Vice-Chancellor Prof. G. O Olatunde, Provost Prof. B B A Taiwo, Alaye of Ayetoro, HRM Oba Azeez Adelakun was represented, Ogun state Commissioner for Agric. representative, Mrs Adepeju Adebajo and other notable agricultural investors were all present at the public lecture.

The guest speaker Dr Ayoola Oduntan is the Group Managing Director of Amo Group and former PAN President highlighted how blessed Nigeria as country is and expects Nigeria to be one of the leading countries in the world exporting agricultural products but it is far from reality. Governments has funded various research and experiments targeted to growing the agribusiness in Nigeria but African farmers still produce less food per hectare than the world average, which has been a limiting factor in food production, distribution and consumption systems.

Dr Oduntan mentioned the following as the keys to unlocking Nigeria’s Agricultural potentials:

  1. Technology
  2. Equipment
  3. Finance
  4. Human Capital

Dr Ayoola Oduntan emphasized the importance of the above listed points, water management system, adequate budgetary allocation with implementation, implementation of innovative agric policies and the utilization of the uncultivated land area in the country as part of the way out of unlocking the potential of the nation.

He also stressed that“undeveloped value chain links to market access, lack of proper storage facilities, and good road networkds also need to be developed for effective delivery and sustainability of agriculture sector.” 

In the area of finance, it would be imperative that the government and individual cooperate bodies provide access to credit as banks are averse to agricultural risk and there is an urgent need to make agricultural loans accessible to farmers at a very low intrest rate.

He highlighted the limiting factors in unlocking the nation’s potential is the lukewarmness of political leaders as agriculture requires a long-term commitment and not talks.

He shared his passion for farming since childhood, everyone in the public lecture was geared to impact their strength to ensure the unlocking of the nation’s potential in agriculture for effective sustainability and development of the sector.



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