Essence of Vitamin C in Poultry Nutrition

Vitamin C active ingredient is known as ascorbic acid and it’s one the strongest body anti-oxidant which help defense systems to neutralise extra and intracellular radicals that are toxic to fats, genetic functions and proteins of the animal’s body.

It’s importance in animal nutrition cannot be over emphasized. The following are it’s importance in poultry nutrition:

  • It serves as an antioxidative in nutrition
  • It improves the bird’s feed conversion ratio and weight gain
  • It is efficient against heat stress and hypothermia
  • It helps in improving egg production
  • It’s a very good anti-stress
  • It is an efficient booster: it boosts medication effectiveness under immune compromised conditions
  • It detoxifies and potentiates medication/vaccinal efficacy
  • It develops a robust response to stress/health challenges
  • It synergizes with other metabolites like vitamin E, B – carotene and metallopeptides to create a strong cellular defense mechanism within the birds body
  • It promotes gut health and efficient nutrient utilization
  • It enhances bone/eggshell and nutrient utilization
  • Research recently shows that with combination with other antioxidants it prevents toxicosis in poultry
  • It enhances feed safety by stopping toxins and contaminants

Farmers and feed millers need to monitor the level and availability of vitamin C in feeds/premixes, especially as objectionable growth promoters are removed from the production system so that the birds can perform optimally.



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