5 Major Causes of Drop in Egg production

The major determinant of profitability in egg production is the percentage of the egg produced by a particular flock. The higher the percentage egg production the more efficient the layers and the more profitable the business.

The following are the major causes of drop in egg production that every poultry farmer should take note:

  • Parasites:

There are two types of parasites in poultry namely Ectoparasite e.g lice, mites and Endoparasite i.e worms. It causes irritation, discomfort and anemic causing a drop in egg production. It is essential to delouse and deworm birds every 3months to eradicate parasites in every flock.

  • Cannibalism:

Birds can inflict injuries on themselves by pecking feathers, toes, vent due to poor debeaking which can result in death and poor state of health. This leads to huge loss in production, that is why the birds must be properly debeaked at the growing stage, there must be even light distribution in the poultry houses, provide adequate spacing, provide adequate ventilation in all the poultry houses, provide balanced ration, adequate ration and sufficient water at all times.

  • Diseases:

It can be described as a poor state of health and it is usually the major cause of egg production and most diseased birds hard eat or drink water. Every farmer must be observant and ensure routine medication/ vaccination programme designed by a veterinarian is executed. Sick birds must be isolated.

  • Pilfering:

Pilfering is problem that is associated with farm workers or any other person, they can steal either eggs, birds or feed. It cannot be stopped outrightly but with close monitoring it can be prevented. In order to prevent this poultry farmers must ensure good staff welfare package is given to farm hands, introduce bonus of high productivity and keep accurate records which can make them compare productions with expectations.

  • Management:

Proper management of the flock involves sourcing good quality day old chicks from a proven stock, good biosecurity to prevent entry of diseases into the farm, ensuring that a condusive environment that will make the birds maximize their productive potential, manage environmental challenges like heat stress and other stressful factors that will not make the birds perform optimally.

Every poultry farmer must take note of the need to prevent the above factors that will not make farmers make profit and strategize on solutions to the challenges.


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