Poultry Association of Nigeria Hold Meeting With Hatchery Operators

Poultry Association of Nigeria Ogun State chapter meets with the hatchery operators on May 18, 2017 and the meeting is targeted at ENHANCING POULTRY PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH QUALITY DAY OLD CHICK, the programme attracted large number of poultry farmers.
Every farmers effort was appreciated for their cooperation in ensuring smooth running of the association by the chairman.

Lecture was was delivered by Dr Adejoro on the need for all hatcheries to improve on the quality so that productivity can be efficient, followed by a technical section where different hatcheries made presentations about their operations and products.

Also, an interactive section where farmers were allowed to ask each hatchery questions and answer were also provided to various question ask.

The following questions are listed as follows:

  • Why is it that hatchery don’t give marek vaccination certificate to customers : is that a global standard practice , if not what is the way forward ?
  • Why is it that most hatcheries advise their customers to start their day old chicks with antibiotics ; is it a must to start day old chicks with antibiotic , if yes ,is it in line with global best practices, then if no what is the way forward ?
  • How can we enforce standard of quality of day old chick produce from different hatcheries ?
  • Is there need to establish a board to ensure that hatchery comply to standard ?
  • How can farmer know the performance of parent stock they are buying from ?
  • Can hatchery be transparent enough to give out the performance record of their parent stock per time ?

Lastly hatchery operators representatives answered all the questions poultry farmers raised and going forward they promised to improve on the quality of day old chicks.



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