Poultry Association of Nigeria Stakeholders Meeting Held In Oyo State, Nigeria

The forum is targeted at discussing present challenges facing Nigerian Poultry‎ industry and the way out at Poultry Association secretariat Ibadan, Oyo State, it attracted a large turnout of poultry farmers.
The turbulence the Nigerian Poultry industry is facing has resulted into closure of many farms and the existing ones are battling with egg glut.
The following areas that are threatning profitability are:
– High cost and Scarcity of feed materials: maize, soyabean meal, premixes and other feed additives cost by over 100%.
PAN is desperately expectecting Nigerian government intervention to safe the poultry industry from collapsing.
– Egg Glut: the eggs produced are not selling and they spoil. Many farmers are selling below 50% below cost of production.
– Egg Processing: PAN and the stakeholders identified the need for investors to invest in egg processing machine, it long overdue and they are convinced it’s either the product is consumed by the food industries or exported.
‎- Advertisement: all the stakeholders see the need to advertise and create more awareness on benefit of egg consumption to humans. Every member was encouraged to donate massively for advertisements in the media.
– PAN has concluded plans to work closely with all plans to working closely with‎ crop farmers across the country, reasearch institutes to get alternative sources of energy and protein for poultry industry
– PAN need to further influence government policies to perfect trans-border trade in all West African c‎ountries for egg sales to boom
Lastly, PAN reiterated their commitment to all poultry farmers to promote poultry products on media, ensure structural development of her secretariat ‎and execution of the above resolutions. The stakeholders are appealed to for more of unwaivering supports; physically, morally and financially. 


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