Lice and Mite Control In Poultry

Lice and mites are ectoparasite that keep birds uncomfortable due to the blood sucking activity or movement all over the body which lead to severe irritation with rashes and intense itching; if farmers leave it unattended to, it can lead to loss of appetite, drop in egg production, blood spots on the eggs,death atimes , pale comb and wattles.

Lice and mites are small wingless insects but lice are straw coloured whlie mites are dark. These parasites are usually found around the feather barb in the thighs, breast and vent.

Efficient Management/ Control Of Lice and Mites

-Always keep new flocks away from the new one, avoid housing birds of multiple age

– Carefully examine any traces of mites or lice twice a month and farmers must prevent infested birds from entering their farm.

– Ensure that prophylatic administration of Ivermectin every 10 – 12 weeks and apply Sevin dust or any other effective insecticide according to directions.

-Thorough cleaning and spraying of laying boxes,cracks/crevices in the pen should be done before placing new batch of birds in the pen;

– Thoroughly clean transfer crates, cages, or boxes in which purchased birds are transported to reduce the chances of  infestation.
– Prevent wild birds from getting having access the birds, water and feed.

Check for live mites or lice in 7 to 10 days for follow-up applications as needed and make sure all birds are treated  at the same time;

-Use of Cabaryl,permethrin or tetrachlorvinphos can completely eliminate lice amd mites when sprayed on cages, laying boxes, crevices and all over the pen.

Lastly, use of multivitamins can help birds to recover quickly in severe infestation as this will encourage anaemic birds eat and drink.


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