Castor Cultivation

Castor cultivation will help in poverty alleviation in Nigeria, Africa
as a continent if tapped into by individuals, families, religious bodies
and government at all levels. Many of the fallow lands can be cultivated with castor
that’s of high economic value.
Nigeria imports about #48b worth of castor oil annually.
Castor botanical name is Ricinus communis , it’s oil has great economic
values as it’s used in production of soap, linoleum, used as a lubricant in
high speed engines, used in production of biodiesel etc.
It can grow on average annual rainfall and humidity. Varieties are
sensitive to high humidity and temperature above 40°which will have
negative impact on yield.
The seed rate for cultivation is 12kg per hectare depending on variety, the
castor seed can be treated with Carbendazin at 2g per Kg of seed will
prevent diseases like alternaria blight, root rot,
Good yield is a function of light, water, available soil nutrients and the
plant age.
Castor is planted through seed and sown before the onset of rain, thinning
should be done at day 14 so that the healthy plants can grow well.
Pre-emergence can be used 3days after seed planting and 25 – 40days after
Farmers can make more profit by inter-cropping with groundnuts, onion, okra
and beans at 1:3 ratio.
Fertilizers like N:P:K(40:40:20kgha) and poultry manure can be applied to
achieve a better yield.
Castor Harvesting
The crop matures in 150 – 180 days has varieties but average yield of
rainfed castor is 350 to 500 kg per hectare and that of the mixed cropping
from 150 to 200 kg/ha. while with irrigation castor crop yieds 500 to 800
Dried and matured capsules must be harvested, gathered and sun-dried for
5-7 days.
Threshing is done either by beating the dried capsules with a stick or by
any other mechanical means.
Lastly, winnowing should be done to separate
castor seeds from chaff, bagged and sold to processing companies.


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  1. I am a prospect castor farmer, I need a guild and as well need tutor on the planning and as well need hybrid seedlings of castor.. Thanks.

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