Heat stress Management in Poultry

High temperatures have negative impact on performance in poultry production and every farmer must manage heat stress because it can lead to huge loss, high mortalities and production loss.

The following ars the signs shown by birds durig heat stress: Gasping, panting, spreading of wings, lying Down/ paralysis, increased thirst, reduced appetite, loss of body weight, increased cannibalis,reduced egg size, egg weight, poor egg shell and drop in egg production

1.Fresh,clean and  cool water –Farmers should add blocks of ice during periods of high temperature in order to keep their water cool and improves water consumption.

2. Adjust Feeding Period – feeding early in the morning and late in the evening will help the birds to be able to eat more because they are more comfortable at cool hours of the day.

3. Breed of the birds- light breeds of birds are tolerant to heat than the heavy breeds. Brown birds are heat tolerant than the black birds.

ž4. Floor spacing- this is to avoid overcrowding adequate floor space should be provided,it helps to reduce body heat as well and there will be adequate ventilation within the poultry house.

ž5. Condusive Environment- the wire mesh should free of cobweb and trees should be planted around to give shade to the poultry houses. All these is to ensure free flow of air in and out of the pen.

6. Give electrolyte through water.

ž5. Good housing- East- west orientation, good ventilation

ž7. Use of atomising nozzles, foggers and industrial fans.

8. Good housing orientation- East-west orientation for excellent ventilation and prevention of direct sun rays into the pen.

9. Feed removal prior to the hottest time of the day help in reducing mortality


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